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BSOD when converting/playing videos

BSOD when system is under heavy workload

BSOD when resizing/closing World of Warcraft

BSOD When Running WoW / PA / Civ V

BSOD when playing especially Fifa 15

BSOD when idle or after/during hibernation

BSOD when playing Shogun 2 Total War

BSOD when I put the laptop to sleep

BSOD when running Malwarebytes scan - Kernal_data_in_page_error

BSOD when running utorrent- recent development

BSOD when using intel hd and nvidia gpu

BSOD when using Facebook / Youtube & Photobucket ?

BSOD when loading presumably Bitdefender

BSOD when playing games and watch youtube HD

BSoD when Gaming/Lag/Multitasking

BSOD when rendering Video BCCode: 124

BSOD when burning DVD's using ConvertXtoDVD

BSOD when starting Multiple Wakfu Game Client

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