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BSOD playing any game


BSOD on Different Times and Different Errors

BDOD Error/Video Card Failure

Multiple BSOD after installing ReadyNAS

BSOD random blue screen different errors

BSOD 00000001E Crashes after entering Password

BSOD Error while trying to install W7

Various BSODs

Sudden BSOD during regular usage

Blue Screen Error when I'm trying to use data cards

STOP: c0000135 The program can't start because %hs is missing

BSOD after computer has been up for some time

BSOD while doing anything

BSOD Soon after startup

First BSOD on my computer !

Random BSODs on new laptop with intel ssd

Memory Conflict causing BSOD

BSOD while away from keyboard

BSOD opening multiple programs

BSOD while watching streams.

Blue Screen of Death Help

BSOD When watching videos

Black Screen And Flashing then Blue Screen.

BSOD coming out of sleep

Random BSOD error

BSOD directly after Windows login

System throwing all types of BSOD's

BSOD playing any games

BSOD is absolutely killing

BSOD while launching Windows

BSOD when second computer connects to internet

System won't shut down & now BSOD !

Windows 7 x64 - 2 BSOD Issues

BSOD after Clean install


BSOD - Multiple types

Blue Screen - Microsoft intellipoint

Please help - BSOD problem

BSOD after closing programs

BSOD on new ZotacHD-ID34BR

Having contact Blue-screen Problems

Blue Screen Help

Random freezing finally led to a BSOD

Trouble with nagging persistent BSOD

BSOD appearing regularly

BSOD maybe related to media

BSOD maby 3 times a day. Comes usually when installing or in internet

Random BSOD codes almost at every boot-up

BSOD random cause

Blue Screen on 32 bit

BSOD Windows 7 Help Always Same Bugcheck Code

Bsd 0000009f

BSOD When playing some games on Steam

BCCode: d1

BSOD randomly

BSOD when installing new ram

Major BSOD Issues

BSOD Before Desktop Appears (Same with Safe Mode)

BSOD Have no idea what's causing it

BSOD when computer goes to sleep

BSOD after trying to fix Driver problem

Computer Restarted while working Bluscreen

BSOD and crashes

Bsod Crashes Also

Blue screen Windows 7 Ultimate x64

BSOD HDMI Connection

ATI Driver BSOD?.The Sequel

BSOD from time to time then restarts.

BSOD - diffrent ones tryed alot

BSOD intermittent

Random BSOD occurs after USB drivers installed

BSOD - Frequently happening.

BSOD basic internet browsing dual screen

Blue Screen event

Crash dump failed to initialize x2 on each reboot/restart

BSOD Troubleshooting

BSOD after post

BSOD watching youtube videos

BSOD when recovering from sleep or hibernation

BSOD mostly when using the internet

BSOD without doing something particular

BSOD on new PC

BSOD Occurring Randomly while gaming and when i am not gaming?

Randomly happening BSOD

Random BSOD's in Windows 7

BSOD After every startup. Works fine until the next day.

Various BSOD errors and can't recover from CD

Windows 7 crashing while using facebook only

Photoshop Causes Blue Screen Crash

Blue Screen issue on HP Pavilion G6

BSOD on laptop close + Sound crashes

installed 2 gig ram getting blue screens now

BSOD Ntoskrnl.exe whilest playing LoL

New Comp - BSOD - Please Help

BSOD error after restore

BSOD after gaming

BSOD watching website video

BSOD when Shutting Down or Restarting Computer

BlueScreenOfDeath - Frequently - PC Workstation Failing on Use (Help!)

Frequent BSOD 0x000007A error and mini dumps not getting saved

BSOD after System Image Restore

BSOD all the time

New pc build! Help! Bsod random times!

BSOD and Windows 7 Home Premium

Six BSOD in a few wks during a vast different amount of apps/programs

BSOD when replacing a new RAM

BSOD Frequently Occuring

BSOD after trying to OC

Please give some advice about this BSOD

New Windows OS - Same Old Wondows BSOD

BSOD when i have certain things open

Another BSOD issue on 2nd PC

Random Bluescreens

BSOD after computer was 'repaired'

First BSOD on Ultrabook Laptop W7

I am having BSOD problem please help me.

After windows loads get blu screen

Constant Blue Screens

BSOD HP ProBook 4530S

Fatal BSOD start up

BSOD on windows 7 64bit startup on both laptop and desktop

BSOD When leaving my PC on for a longer period of time

No BSOD but system keeps on randomly shutting down

BSOD as soon Windows Loads

Need help with newly built computer! BSODs when playing games

Many BSOD during or after starting windows

Sudden BSOD after over 3 years of use.

Bluescreen when pc has been left on

BSOD on HP laptop

BSOD randomly computer restarts

BSODs after Start-Up

blue screen blues

BSOD at start (video driver.)

How to change Windows 7 blues ?

BSOD during start up

Blank blue screen. Please help!

BSOD while watching videos online

I keep blue screening

BSOD when i right click on mycomputer address bar

BSOD while doing various things.

BSOD annoying - BCCode:c2 BCP1: 7 BCP2:109B

BSOD during a game and at startup

Frequent BSOD during downloads

BSOD after sleep help needed

BSOD just after startup

BSOD's at shutdown

Blue Screens and Random Reboots

BSOD Happens Daily & Randomly

BSOD happening randomly

bsod while using windows 7

BSODs in Win 7 pro

Reoccuring BSOD

BSOD with multiple error reports at any given time

BSod 0x0116 help me

BSOD Problem on Asus Notebook

Blue Screen Of Death. couldnt figured out the error.

BSOD upon logon

BSOD on clean install

BSOD when starting up any type of game.

BSOD without actually blue screen

Hi just have been getting the BSOD

BSOD on multiple windows 7 installs

x64 BSOD after "sleep"

BSOD while watching stream movies

BSODs randomly last days when unplugged and plugged on TV


BSOD won't end! Tried everything.

BSOD Windows 7 Thinkpad T410s

BSOD Different Times Different Codes Newly Purchased PC

New PC - BSOD appears randomly

New BSOD error

BSOD - Usually while in a game.

Narrowing Down cause of BSOD

Intermittent BSOD - STOP: 0x0000007E Possibly hardware issue

Blue screen with Windows 7

Bluescreen appeared out of nowhere

Many BSOD's cant install new RAM

Random BSOD tried updating drivers still occurs

BSOD when attempting to sleep

BSOD while running IE9 (flash plugin running)

BSOD every time I start up

Many (BSOD?) crashes

BSODs from potential hardware issue?

Blue Screen during Credit Card purchase

windows crashes now d den showing blue screen

Constant BSOD crashes while using several programs video conv/player.

BSOD when going to sleep on new Samsung laptop

General BSOD

Error in Windows 7

BSOD on startup after Disk Check

Multiple BSODs--Detective work needed

Dual graphics card - BSOD etc.

Bluescreen and random total shutdowns

BSoD crash

I get BSOD at random times

BSOD during gaming only

Memory causing BSOD

BSOD Vista

BSOD at windows animation during installation

BSOD Crash when startup

BSOD Most days

BSOD 2nd machine

BSOD during gameplay.

Frequently Occuring BSOD :@

BSOD 3 times in month while online

BSOD - Struggling to understand

BSOD upon windows loading

BSOD when i play games

7 Won't shut down and then BSOD

Occasional BSOD

Please Help Major BSOD affectiong most Windows 7 systems in company

My BSOD problems

Blue screen at login

BSOD After Pressing Shutdown

BSOD on Envy 15 2nd Gen on when hibernating/resuming from hibernate

Repeating BSODs and restarts 1000009f

Continual BSOD's often starting with games & streams

Sleep Mode BSOD

bsod after pressing sleep

BSOD event but no blue screen shows

BSOD always overnight

BSOD Randomly when starting a game

BSOD STOP: 0x00000116 please help!

BSOD While Playing New Games HELP!:

BSOD out of Standby mode

BSOD when watching Youtube

Random BSODs-Out of the Blue

Recent Errors with Computer and Performance including BSOD


just got a blue screen.

help with bluescreen error

Blue Screen =(

Frequent BSOD Looking for help

BSOD while trying to hibernate NEED HELP

drivers BSOD

BlueScreen !Please Help!

BSOD during sleep mode

BSOD while playing nearly any game

BSOD after factory reset

Random Shutdowns no BSOD?

I get BSod Error When i used to quit or minimize pc games

BSOD Error

Pc cannot display a blue screen upon crash

Bsod windows 7

BSOD x64 exiting sleep mode

Various BSOD while playing MoW and while inactive

Random BSOD even when idle Multiple error codes

I got the Blue Screen!

BSOD While computer is Hibernating

BSOD problems

BSOD Doing Anything

BSOD - Internet browsing/updating computer

Random BSOD after installing new components/fresh install of Windows

Serious BSOD problems

BSOD shortly after logon

Win 7 - BSOD

Blue Screen issues at every startup

BSOD around the same time past few days

Family member BSOD

BSOD death in one system

BSOD while computer is in sleep mode

After turn Hybernation on got BSOD

Occasional Blue Screen When Booting Computer

BSOD after Log-in

Blue screen of death - Need Help

BSOD on Sleep/Hibernate

BSOD playing all games

BSOD crashing my computer.

BSOD without any reason. :(

BSOD on shutdown - please help.

After BSOD Can't get past boot 000F4

Windows 7 Blue screen of dead

BSOD before login screen

BSoD of all sorts

BSOD watching videos on youtube

Driver BSOD problems

Sudden BSOD

BSOD after exiting sleep mode

I'm having the BSOD too :(

Consistent BSOD on Windows 7 start up. Potentially AMD driver issue.

help i have a bluescreen error

BSOD playing Minecraft

BSOD - possible video driver related crashes

BSOD Problem Win7

Newly built computer Blue Screening

BSOD - Happens about anytime

BSOD after addition of RAM

Almost constant BSOD soon after start-up

Variety of BSOD mostly BCCode 116 probably some driver

BSOD Crashes Windows 7 Please help

Intermittent Blue Screens

win7 BSOD

BSOD downloading videos from my collection

BSOD during startup. Have screen shots of suspect cause.

BSOD 7a Crashing during gaming

BSOD now occuring 3+ times daily - computer illiterature requires help

BSOD 6 times within 3 days

Having problems with multiple Bluescreens issues

Bsod Windows 7 Ultimate. Help

Non specific BSOD

BSOD 1031 /Pink Screen?

BSOD so frequently after logging in

A lot of Bluescreens

BSOD Stop 0x000000124

BSOD after start up

Computer BSOD'ing randomly with error code 100007e

BSOD during random

Random BSOD - unable to find cause

blue screen windows 7 plss help

BSOD upon loading windows

BSOD computer reboots at different times

BSOD on a new HP laptop (0x000000010e

Blue screen on boot but not BSOD

Win7 Blue screen while browsing mail

still getting bsod :(

The Blue Screen! help!

New blue screen

Multiple BSOD on new image pc

BSOD when gaming (WoW)

BSOD sort of.

random BSOD on Overclocked system (both gpu and cpu)

Random BSOD's doing anything.

BSOD during shutdown

bsod windows pro

Been having BSOD issues

Blue screen when playing games

Blue Screen on Shut Down

BSOD Whenever PC shut down

HP BIOS recovery? No BSOD

BSOD when starting certain programs

BSOD after installing Windows 7 on a SSD

Blue Screen Caused By fltmgr.sys

BSOD whenever running an executable (Error Data included)

BSOD at startup

BSOD during Windows Update at Boot

BSOD Usually before or after the login screen

Random BSOD even after a fresh re-install of Windows

BSOD instantly on entering windows

blue screen at start up

BSOD - Playing WoW

Several Different BSOD Errors - Short Time Period

Blue screen while playing

Random BSODs - RAM related probably

Random BSOD's for weeks

Multiple BSOD followed by problems booting.


BSOD When i PLay Some Game

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